Four Cat Videos That Shook The World

We love cats here at Animal Allsorts…

It’s estimated best trading platform south africa that there are roughly 11.1 million cats in the UK, the only sad thing about this is that not enough of these glorious creatures will be able to make it to the big time as YouTube sensations.

Animal video content is so popular now that there are entire companies devoted to their distribution which is absolutely fine by us! Since the inception of YouTube, viewers have been gravitating towards the channel for quick and easy entertainment and it doesn’t get much easier or quicker than videos of cats.

We’ve collected together five of the internet’s most popular feline videos:

[Be warned: some of these cats have been deceased for a while, so don’t expect to see any more fresh content from them, just bathe in their resplendent glory whilst you can!]

Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat

A true viral sensation and trailblazer for short format video content, Fatso (the cat featured) passed away in 1987, but not before offering up a spellbinding performance with the help of his owner Charlie Schmidt. Since being uploaded in 2007 the original video has amassed over 52 million views, whilst the original footage has also been modified and re-uploaded hundreds of times.

‘Thriller’ Cat

Little is know about the origin of this classic viral video although it has remained timelessly hilarious ever since its emergence during the 00s. A victim of constant ripping and re-uploading, its almost impossible to know how old this footage is, where it was taken and (most importantly) if the cat in question ever returned…


One of the internet’s most enduring feline characters, Maru is a cat who remains popular despite his advancing years. At 11 years old, Mary has achieved as much as any viral cat-sation would want garnering over 600,000 subscribers and an almost impossibly huge 366 million views. For a little comparison that’s more views than pop star juggernauts Katy Perry (363 million) and Miley Cyrus (256 million).

Grumpy Cat

Since the early days of cat marketing (see ‘Hang in there, Baby’ cat) there has been an accepted view on how cats should appear in the public eye: lean, big eyed and cute. It wasn’t until 2012 that these values were turned on top of their head when the world was introduced to ‘Grumpy Cat’. Tardar Sauce, as she’s known by her owner, is of a mixed breed, so the genetic source of her grimace is best trading platform south africa unknown.